How to start your social media campaign

I have my Big Idea! Do I need a Social Media Strategy?

You did it! You put your big idea together! Maybe it’s a business you have a passion for. Maybe it’s that nonprofit that will really help change your corner of the world. You have it up and running. Now what? Between juggling fiances, people, and tons of little details that keep popping up, starting a social media presence for your big idea can be overwhelming. Where do I even begin? But you need a plan, otherwise known as a social media strategy.

Here is a great resource to think about starting your social media strategy. Because you need a strategy, not just a Facebook page.

Once you have decided on a strategy, how can your website and social media work together? Here is an article to help you work out the logistics.

And if you do decide that Facebook should be part of your strategy, here is an article flushing out some things to consider when using Facebook. 

We hope you enjoy these resources and remember we are here for you! If you are need help, let us come alongside you and help. If you need help with your site or social media strategy, please contact us. We would love to help you!